Houston Museum of Natural Science

The HMNS is one of those museums where you choose the exhibits you want to see and get tickets for each one. There are many international traveling exhibits that come through here, exhibits like the Terra Cotta Warriors, Genghis Khan, and Dinosaur Mummies. These exotic, one-of-a-kind exhibits are usually something that you would have to travel to a foreign country to see, so naturally ticket prices are high, generally setting you back $25 for the exhibit. Of course, it’s a lot less expensive compared to a plane ticket and accommodations in say, Xian to see the Terra Cotta Warriors.

There is also an enclosed greenhouse butterfly center, an IMAX theater, and a planetarium that offer shows.  These also charge a separate admission if you want to visit.

Then there are the permanent collections with a variety of very well done exhibits on the natural world typical of natural history museums. The permanent collections are covered under the general admission price and are accessible during museum free times. So…happening to catch the museum on a budget friendly freebie afternoon and wanting just an introduction to what the museum had to offer, you can guess where I went. My favorite exhibits were the rocks and minerals and gems and jewelry. They are very comprehensive exhibits. The rocks and minerals come in all different formations and textures and it was really neat. The gems and jewels were impressive and really pretty.


在休士頓自然博物館,每一項展覽分開來收門票。你只要選擇自己想看的展覽,然後買門票。有很多國際級展覽都在這個博物館展出。近來曾展出過兵馬俑,成吉思汗,和恐龍木乃伊。因爲展覽很獨特,價錢自然很貴。只是看一個特別展覽,門票都要大概 $25。但門票都比坐飛機到別的國家看展覽便宜得多。

博物館也有溫室蝴蝶中心,IMAX 影院,和天文館。全都收自己的門票。

博物館的常設展區有很多描述自然世界的展覽。買一張普通票可以看全部的常設展覽,而且周二免費參觀博物館就是指常設展區。我在常設展區最喜歡的展覽是岩石礦物和寶石首飾。岩石和礦物有多種形狀和體積, 很奇妙。寶石和首飾閃閃發光,漂亮極了。

If you go/旅遊資料:
地址: 5555 Hermann Park Dr., Houston TX 77030
停車: best to park along the street or at Hermann Park (free) and walk over/ 在路旁有地方停車或在赫曼公園免費停車然後走路過去
開放時間: Mon, Wed-Sun 9-5, Tues 9-8
門票: $15 permanent exhibits/長期展覽室, various for other exhibits and shows/ 其他展覽和活動另外收票
Free Times/
免費時間: Tues 2-8pm for permanent exhibits only/ 周二 2-8點下午只限長期展覽室
Website for most current info/
網站最新資料: hmns.org

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