Museum of Fine Arts Houston 休士頓美術館

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH) is a very large art museum with tons of interesting exhibits. To me, it was more like an anthropological/ cultural museum because it had so many exhibits of art from different cultures. Of course it also has classical paintings and modern art. I found the art to be very interesting and enjoyed learning about different cultures and time periods through art.

My favorite exhibits were the ones highlighting works of art from various cultures- Asian, Korean, Indonesian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, African, South American, Oceanic, ancient Europe, etc. It is like you traveled the world through art once you have finished seeing this museum. There is a good representation of many cultures in one place, and it lends to making cross-cultural connections.

I was amazed at all the gold art pieces that the museum had on display. The collection on Indonesian gold, Indian gold, African gold, and South American gold was amazing. It could very well have been called the Gold Museum. It was interesting to see how each culture used gold and decorated it. Many of these gold objects were highly detailed and richly decorated, very ornate. Although these cultures were worlds apart, and time periods apart, ( I mean, the cultures developed separately and probably had little to no contact with each other.) one can see that the universal value placed on gold is high.

I enjoyed seeing the battle armor, sculptures, vases and urns and bronzes of ancient Europe and the Near East.

Aside from the very comprehensive permanent collections I like how the MFAH has a variety of changing exhibitions. Some that I saw were the arts of Ancient Vietnam (lots of influence from Hinduism and Buddhism as well as Chinese), art relating to the moon, and a contemporary Korean art and photography exhibit. There’s always something new to see at the MFAH and these changing exhibitions are included in the price of a ticket and are also included on free days.

I like how the museum is free the first Sunday of the month and also all day Thursdays. And there are 2 free parking lots across the street from the museum, which make it a very accessible and convenient attraction to visit. A highly recommended place to visit in Houston!

While there you can also check out the Cullen Sculpture Garden, which is right next to the MFAH. It is also a part of the MFAH and is free and open to the public. It is a nice area to walk around, very peaceful and relaxing.

休士頓美術館有很多有趣的展覽。 我覺得像一個人類學和歷史文化博物館, 因爲這博物館展覽出多種文化的藝術品。當然,它也有你通常想到的藝術品, 例如歐洲油畫,現代畫,抽象雕塑,等等。我喜歡這博物館因爲可以從藝術品體會到每一個文化或時代。

我最喜歡的展覽是每一個文化的藝術品, 如亞洲,中國,韓國,印尼,印度,日本,非洲,南美,太平洋,歐洲,等等。在這裏參觀真的可以周遊世界的文化啊!而且,可以讓我們看到世界各個文化和藝術的相似和區別。

這博物館有很多用黃金製做的藝術品。真漂亮!有印尼黃金,非洲黃金,南美洲黃金;這博物館都可以改名為黃金博物館。我們可以看到每一個文化怎麽用黃金,做了什麽金器和首飾。很多這些首飾都有很多細節,是精心制作的, 很華麗。雖然這些文化地理和時間上又大大的距離,但我們可以知道每一個文化都很注重黃金。

我也喜歡看歐洲和近東的雕塑,瓶罐, 戰甲,和青銅器。

除了這裏的常設展覽,MFAH 也有很多臨時展覽, 例如越南古代藝術品 (受中國和印度的佛教,印度教影響),月球展覽,和現代韓國藝術和攝影。MFAH 只是收一次門票,臨時展覽不用另外買票。所以可以說每次到MFAH都有新展覽來參觀。

MFAH 每週四全天免費。每個月第一個星期日也是不收門票。那天,也有特別的兒童活動。MFAH 有兩個免費停車場。只是在博物館對面。來博物館玩真的有方便又划算。是休士頓值得參觀的好地方。

來到博物館也可以參觀博物館對面的Cullen 雕塑園。雕塑園是在外面, 環境優美,散步小休好地方。每天都不收門票的。

If you go/旅遊資料:
地址:1001 Bissonnet St. Houston TX 77005
停車: free parking available on surface lots at Main/Bissonnet and Main/Oakdale
開放時間: Tues-Wed 10-5, Thurs 10-9, Fri-Sat 10-7, Sun 12:15-7
Free Times/
免費時間: Thurs all day, first Sunday of the month

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