Deshengmen Gate 德勝門箭樓

view from across 2 streets

德勝門是古代北京九座城門之一。建于明正統四年(1439年)。元大都西北城門 建德門 原是在這裡附近。古時候,這些城門和城牆保護城内的人民。但隨著城市進化,大部分城牆被拆了來建馬路。現在東便門有一段古城墻,城市也還有幾座古城門給我們欣賞。

The ancient city of Beijing used to be protected by a city wall with a series of gates. Today, much of the wall has been demolished to make way for roads but a section of the Ming city wall (circa 1400’s) remains at Dongbianmen and several of the city gates remains. Deshengmen is one of those city gates. When the rebels to the Yuan Dynasty sacked the Yuan capital Dadu, they renamed the existing JiandemenYuan city gate Deshengmen. Later, when the Ming dynasty was more established, they rebuilt a larger city gate a little bit south of that spot, keeping the name of Deshengmen.

from across the bridge. This is the view from inside the city wall

北京城門各有用途。德勝門是走兵車之門。明朝清朝出兵是從這裡出城的。康熙和乾隆御駕親征都是從這裡出兵。“德勝” 的諧音是“得勝”, 好意頭。軍隊從安定門班師回朝, 取太平安定好意頭。

Deshengmen is the gate at the northwest corner of the former city wall. In imperial Beijing, each of the gates had a function and this gate was the gate where the army would ride off to battle from. The gate’s auspicious name “德勝” or “virtuous victory” sounds similar to the words “得勝” or “to obtain victory”. The army would return through Andingmen (安定門) or the Gate of Stability to symbolize that peace and order had been restored to the country.

the second ring road at Deshengmen

古時候德勝門阻擋從城市北方的入侵。城樓寬32米,深17米,箭樓和城牆高36 米。是北京城第二大的城樓。正陽門是最大的。古代人真是很有智慧。用努力和以前的技術可以建成這麽龐大,這麽宏偉的建築。

Being in the northwest corner of the city, it was also fortification to keep the northern “barbarians” out of the city. And it sure looks the part. The wall itself is several stories high, and the ramp up to the wall is wide enough for cars to drive on. On top of that there is a 4-story arrow tower. It is an awesome sight to behold. It amazes me how people in the past could build such massive and magnificent structures relying on simple tools and manual labor.

view from outside the city wall

今天,德勝門是城郊交通重要地方。有公車到郊區和919 路公車八達嶺長城。有¥8慢巴士和¥12 快巴到長城。德勝門附近有積水潭地鐵站。德勝門箭樓有古錢幣博物館。

Today Deshengmen is a major transportation hub connecting the city and suburbs of Beijing. You can take bus 919 to the Great Wall Badaling section from here. The 8 yuan slow bus that stops closer to the Great Wall or 12 yuan faster bus that stops farther away from the wall. The arrow tower, one of 2 remaining in Beijing, houses the Ancient Coins Museum.

If you go/旅遊資料:
地址: 北京西城區 北二環中路 德勝門箭樓
Ancient Coin Museum Hours/
古錢幣博物館 開放時間: 9am-4pm, ¥10
乘 bus 5, 27, 44, 55, 315, 345, 380, 815, 919路, 德勝門站下车,地鐵 積水潭站 A 出口 Metro: Jishuitan stop, exit A


4 responses to “Deshengmen Gate 德勝門箭樓

  1. Great post, I love Beijing, thanks for reminding me of some great memories!

  2. Nice travelogue, thanks!

  3. The building is indeed impressive. I wonder how many people built the wall and the tower. I hope to visit there someday.

    • passporttotheworld

      The architecture is amazing. I really enjoyed visiting there. There’s also a museum inside the building, but I did not get a chance to visit that.

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