Houston Zoo 休士頓動物園

The Houston zoo is like many other zoos in big cities. There are the usual popular animals- elephants, giraffes, lions, tigers, and monkeys, a petting zoo for the kids, and exhibits on local wildlife. The big pluses at this zoo are there is a huge parking lot where you can park for free, and the zoo has free admission on certain holidays in the fall and winter. (see website for details) Kids love the zoo and it is popular with families. The zoo is located in Hermann Park, which has the Houston Garden Center, a kiddie playground, and the Miller Outdoor Theater which features free performances. It is also a short walk to many museums in the Museum District, which can be bundled in to make a good day trip.

My favorites were the albino alligator, tropical frogs, birds exhibit, and sea otter. The tropical frogs were bright and colorful, really cool. I liked the different types of birds they had on exhibit- again for the different colors and shapes and sizes. The sea otter was adorable. When people came near the tank it would swim up to them and perform some tricks. So cute!

每個城市都有自己的動物園,休市都一樣。休市的動物園很大,有很多動物區。也有家禽區。在家禽區小孩可以給動物食物。 人們最喜歡看獅子,老虎,猴子, 大象,和長頸鹿。我覺得白鱷魚,熱帶青蛙,和動物園的鳥特別有趣。我也很喜歡海獺。 牠有靈性,很聰明。有人走到牠魚缸旁邊,牠就會游水過來表演技巧。

動物園有大大的免費停車場,不怕找不到車位。每年秋天和冬天有幾個節日是免費入場的。這是個好地方來帶兒童。 如果你喜歡動物, 你也會喜歡休市動物園。動物園位于赫曼公園内。 公園也有花園,遊樂場,和米勒露天劇場(Miller Outdoor Theater)。這三個地方也是免費的。米勒露天劇場全部表演都是免費。從動物園也可以走路到博物館區幾個博物館。來動物園玩可以搭配附近赫曼公園和博物館區的景點來做一天自由行。

If you go/旅遊資料:
Address/地址: 1513 N. MacGregor Dr. Houston TX 77030
Hours/開放時間: Mon-Sun 9am-6pm
Free Times/免費時間: select holidays in fall and winter/ 秋天冬天某些節日
Web/網站: houstonzoo.org

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