Czech Center Houston

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The Czech Center Museum Houston is a relatively new museum that opened in 1995 to celebrate and share the Czech culture. It is a beauty. I loved the interiors. The Center is richly decorated in the Baroque style, with luxurious rugs, giant chandeliers, ironwork, and art glass windows. It has a very beautiful old world European feel to it.  The Czech Center is a both a center and a museum so it has a number of fancy rooms for functions and banquets. They host film showings and cultural events. There are also exhibits featuring Czech fine arts and culture such as glassware and crystalware, paintings, furniture, and dolls. It is not a big museum, and will probably take 30mins-1hr to visit. The docent was great and very knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here.

  • Kolaches, which are breads stuffed with filling like sausage, ham and egg, egg and cheese, etc originated from the Czech
  • Czechs in Texas live spread out in many of the smaller towns in central Texas such as Fayetteville, Praha, Hallettsville, and Dubina.

捷克中心/ 博物館

捷克中心開創於1995年,和休市社區分享捷克文化。 這個博物館有歐洲古色的風格。室内裝修漂亮華麗。這個中心的巴洛克風格裝修精巧,有漂亮的地毯,大水晶燈, 和藝術玻璃窗戶。這裡也有開宴會的大廳,和捷克電影,文化節目。博物館展覽捷克藝術- 玻璃和水晶製品, 油畫 水彩畫, 家具,和洋娃娃。這個博物館不大, 30分鐘至1 小時可以看完。講解員很詳細的解釋捷克文化。

  • Kolache 包子 是德州人喜愛的食物。這種包子來自捷克。像中國人的包子裏面有餡。他們喜歡用香腸,火腿,雞蛋,和奶酪餡。
  • 德州的捷克人住得不稠密,所以沒有捷克城。很多住在德州中部。

If you go/旅遊資料:
地址: 4920 San Jacinto @ Wichita, Houston TX 7700
Hours/開放時間: Mon-Sat 10am-4pm
門票: $6 docent tour, gift shop admission free. $6 講解員導遊, 禮品店免費

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Wenceslas Chapel




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