Children’s Museum of Houston

This was the first museum we visited on Free Day. I’d wanted to visit because the building looked cool and creative from the outside and I’d heard good things about it. Of course we should’ve guessed by the name that all the exhibits are geared towards…of course…duh…kids! So there was not much for us and turned out to be blah boring and a big disappointment. The screaming kids, huge strollers, and crowds everywhere on Free Day did not help either. It seemed like all the parents had the same idea to bring their kids to the Children’s Museum on Free Day. This was also the only museum with a line at the door at 10am and they were letting only a certain amount of people in at a time. Lesson: best to go to the Children’s Museum on a regular day with less crowds. Perhaps going during the weekly free admission time on Thursdays from 5-8pm wouldn’t be a bad idea, but I haven’t tried.

Anyhow, if you have elementary school age kids, this is a great place to bring them, as all the exhibits in this medium sized museum appeal to them. There are 3 floors of toys, games, and hands on exhibits. Kids will have tons of fun running around and learn something while having a great time. There are a couple outdoor exhibits on waterworks and the ecosystem as well. The highlight of the museum is Kidtropolis, with a pretend bank, city hall, grocery store, diner, pet shop, etc for kids to role-play. They could pretend to be chefs, serve meals, play cashier, vet, etc, including costumes. It is creative and I like the concept. They also handed out passes for Kidtropolis with a designated admission time so people would not flood the place all at once. All in all- a good museum if you have kids. Take a pass if your group is just adults.

博物館區免門票那一天我們第一就來兒童博物館。很多人說這是個很好的博物館,而且博物館的外貌很特別,很有趣。但是來到博物館參觀就失望了;我們對展出的東西都不感興趣。當然啦,兒童博物館是對小朋友有興趣的!這個博物館帶兒童來就很好玩,只是大人來參觀就沒什麽好看的。這個博物館有三層interactive 展覽和玩具。 外面也有兩個展覽。 我覺得最有趣的展覽是 Kidtropolis。 Kidtropolis 有小銀行,小餐館,商店,獸醫院,等等;小孩可以扮售貨員,廚師,獸醫,等等。很有趣,很創新。如果帶小孩來的話,不要每年免費門票那一天來玩,因爲很多家庭都有同樣的想法:帶孩子來玩,所以那天博物館很擠逼, 還要排隊進入。兒童博物館每週四5點到8點下午都是免門票的。我沒試過那時候去參觀,但我認爲人都不會比博物館區免門票那一天多。

If you go/旅遊資料:
Address/地址: 1500 Binz St., Houston TX 77004
Hours/開放時間: Tues-Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 12-5pm
Free Times/免費時間: Thursday 5-8pm

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main lobby

A flower in the ecosystems exhibit

Robot made of phones and telecommunications hardware

closer view

back view

pretend grocery store

pretend diner

pretend food at diner


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