Houston Museum Guide

Houston has a treasure trove of museums just waiting to be discovered. The bulk of them are located in the museum district near downtown. Over the next few posts, I will give an overview of the museums and a brief description/review of each. This first post is general information and getting around.

Transportation and Parking

Driving: You should generally be able to find free parking without a problem. Most museums have their own parking lot with limited spaces where you can park for free. Free parking is available in the various lots in Hermann Park, which is a short walk to the museums. The Museum of Fine Arts also has a free parking lot on Bissonnet St.

Public Transportation: from downtown- take the Metro light rail to the Museum District stop. Or take any of the Metro buses to the museum district.

Getting Around

The museum district is a pedestrian friendly area. The museums are clustered together and are within walking distance of each other. Some of them may be a farther walk though. The museums have a brochure you can pick up that has a map of the museum district and info on all the museums. Alternatively, here is a link to the map. The other option is to drive and most museums will have their own parking lot where you can park for free.

Free Admission Dates/Times

The vast majority of Houston’s museums are either always free or free on certain days/times, which makes the museums very accessible and easy on the wallet. I make note of the free days/times as I review each museum but it is a good idea to check with the museum to make sure they haven’t changed it.

Museum District Free Day

Once a year the museum district puts on a “Museum District Free Day” when all museums in the area waive their admission fees for the day. This is usually on a Saturday in September. Last year in 2009 it was on September 12th. They even have a complimentary shuttle bus that will take you to all the participating museums that day. It is best to plan out your route in advance because there are so many museums to see and it would be impossible to see them all on just one day. I used Museum Day to see all the smaller museums that I hadn’t gotten a chance to see yet, but did not want to make a special trip to the museum district to check out. Also keep in mind that there will be crowds on this free day, especially in the more popular museums, so patience goes a long way.

Scroll down to the bottom of my post for links to posts on the individual museums.




停車:要在這裡找免費停車場不難。大部分博物館都有自己的免費停車場,可是很小,位子有限量。在你想參觀的博物館找不到停車位子,可以到赫曼公園 (Hermann Park) 的免費停車場停車。赫曼公園有好幾個大大的免費停車場。可以步行到博物館。休士頓美術館在 Bissonnet 街也有一個大的免費停車場。

坐公車:可以坐休士頓 Metro 輕軌鐵路或 Metro 巴士到博物館區。




休士頓大多數的博物館都有免費參觀的時間和日期的優惠, 讓參觀者可以省一點錢。我介紹博物館時會寫它的免費時間在博客,但去博物館前該聯係博物館查明。


每年秋天九月左右博物館區舉辦免費參觀的一天。那天,區内的博物館整天都不收門票。去年2009 年是9月12 日。博物館區也開幾班免費巴士給參觀者乘坐到每一個博物館。這是一個省錢的好辦法來一次過看很多博物館。要一天看完全部的博物館就很趕速,所以應該提前計或好路綫。然後其他博物館選另外的時間參觀。

Museums 博物館

Children’s Museum 兒童博物館

Czech Center Houston 捷克中心

Houston Weather Museum 氣像博物館

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum 非裔士兵博物館

The Menil Collection 梅尼勒藝術館

Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum 拜佔庭教堂壁畫博物館

Rothko Chapel 羅斯科教堂

Houston Center for Photography 休士頓攝影中心

Houston Zoo 休士頓動物園

Museum of Fine Arts Houston and Cullen Sculpture Garden 休士頓美術館和雕塑園

Bayou Bend 美國裝飾藝術舘

Rienzi 歐洲裝飾藝術舘

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston 休士頓當代藝術博物館

The Health Museum 休士頓健康博物館

Houston Museum of Natural Science 休士頓自然博物館

Houston Holocaust Museum 休士頓猶太人大屠殺博物館


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