Hao Yuan Hotel

好園賓館是一間位於東城區胡同内的四合院式賓館。賓館很大,差不多一條街那麽長。可以步行到東方廣場和王府井。在清朝時,這是太監李連英的外宅。之後, 張自忠,世界第二次大戰抗日大將軍也住過這裡。鄧穎超曾在這裡辦公。1984年成爲賓館。前港督偉奕訊來過這賓館參觀,英國首相布菜爾訪華時,他 夫人在這裡舉辦過酒會。

Hao Yuan Hotel is a siheyuan (courtyard) style hotel located in the hutongs of Dongcheng District. The hotel is huge and basically comprises the whole hutong. The exterior walls are dull and gray but once you step inside the courtyard it is cozy and welcoming. It is within walking distance to Oriental Plaza and Wangfujing shopping district.

During the Qing Dynasty, this used to be Empress Dowager Cixi’s eunuch Li Lianying’s house. Thereafter, Zhang Zizhong, a general who fought in the second Sino-Japanese War lived here. It was also Madame Deng Xiaoping’s house and office for a period of time and became a hotel in 1984. Today, it is a beautiful courtyard style hotel offering visitors a taste of living in a traditional courtyard style home.

旅遊資料/ If you go: (2007 年資料/ info from 2007)

門票/ Admission: free to walk around

地址/ Address: 北京市东城区史家胡同53 (53 Shi Jia Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing)

交通路线/ Transportation: 地鐵5號綫,燈市口站/ subway line 5, Deng Shi Kou station

網站: http://www.haoyuanhotel.com/index.htm

Website: http://www.haoyuanhotel.com/engs.asp?Title=Beijing%20Haoyuan%20Hotel


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