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Jenny Lou 2

無論中國或外國人,到外地工作居住,總是會嚮往自己的故鄉,懷念家鄉的食物。所以,每個有多量華人聚雜的城市都會有個唐人街。外國人到中國工作也一樣。使館區有多量外國人,所以在朝陽區的領事館附近什麽外國餐館都有。此外,還有西洋雜貨店。在北京最有名的是Jenny Lou’s 聯銷店。使館區有一間,全城有4-5 間。

Even the most open minded and adventurous traveler will get homesick and long for a taste of home from time to time. And especially if you are an expat that returns home only once in a long time, it would be a long time until you got that mac & cheese, apple pie, or ham sandwich. That is why ethnic neighborhoods crop up in various cities. There’s your Chinatowns and Little Italy, which makes people from those regions feel more at home and make the adjustment to their new surroundings smoother. In Beijing, a large number of expats live in the Chaoyang district, which makes it a very international neighborhood. You can find restaurants from nearly every cuisine on the planet there, and there are also grocery stores that import favorite products from other countries. One of the most well known Western grocery chains in Beijing is Jenny Lou’s. There are about 4-5 stores in the city that cater mainly to expats in the area.

Jenny Lou

Jenny Lou’s 這商店不大。專賣歐洲,美國,和澳洲進口食品。有葡萄酒,奶酪, 火腿,牛肉,蔬果,和外國人最喜愛的品牌。價錢比北京其他超市貴很多。但是外國貨這裏的選擇最多, 貨品最齊傳。我看過一些美國貨品 (意大利麵,cereal, 茄汁) 價錢比美國的超市還高一倍呀! 到這間商店可以看到好多個國家的日常和最愛的食品。讓我們在中國可以品嘗好多個國家的食品。

Compared to the supermarkets we are accustomed to in the US, Jenny Lou’s is a rather small grocery store, much like a neighborhood grocer. But that is all you really need. They specialize in products from Europe, America, and Australia/New Zealand that you would not find in local supermarkets. There are wines, cheeses, hams and deli meats, different cuts of beef, a variety of coffees, fruits and veggies, and imported snacks. The prices are higher than local supermarkets and even higher than supermarkets in the US! But it was kinda neat to find stuff like pasta sauce, mac & cheese, applesauce and PB&J there. I enjoy browsing through the store to see what some of the popular foods from different countries are.

Jenny Lou’s website/ 網站

Jenny Lou’s story/ 的故事

旅遊資料/ If you go:

門票/ Admission: 沒有/ none

營業时间/ Hours: 早 7:00am – 晚 10:00pm

商店/ Stores:             ~~ 北京市朝阳区日坛北路4 号 乘28, 43, 120, 126 路; 芳草地站下车

4 Ritan Bei Rd. Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Bus 28, 43, 120, 126; Fangcaodi stop

~~ 北京市朝阳区朝阳公园西门 乘 419, 682, 985 路; 景园站下车

Chaoyang Park west gate, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Bus 419, 682, 985; Jingyuan stop

~~ 北京市朝阳区建国路建外SOHO 4号楼1层

乘地铁 1号,10号;国贸站下车

Jianwai SOHO 1F, Suite 4, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Subway #1, #10; Guomao stop

~~ 北京市朝阳区东直门外大街35号 东湖俱乐部 B1 楼

乘地铁 2号,13号;东直门站下车

35 Dongzhimen Wai Dajie, Donghu Club B1, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Subway #2, #13; Dongzhimen stop

~~ 北京市朝阳区三里屯北小街 6 号

6 Sanlitun Bei Xiaojie, Chaoyang Dictrict, Beijing


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