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Jenny Lou’s

Jenny Lou 2

無論中國或外國人,到外地工作居住,總是會嚮往自己的故鄉,懷念家鄉的食物。所以,每個有多量華人聚雜的城市都會有個唐人街。外國人到中國工作也一樣。使館區有多量外國人,所以在朝陽區的領事館附近什麽外國餐館都有。此外,還有西洋雜貨店。在北京最有名的是Jenny Lou’s 聯銷店。使館區有一間,全城有4-5 間。

Even the most open minded and adventurous traveler will get homesick and long for a taste of home from time to time. And especially if you are an expat that returns home only once in a long time, it would be a long time until you got that mac & cheese, apple pie, or ham sandwich. That is why ethnic neighborhoods crop up in various cities. There’s your Chinatowns and Little Italy, which makes people from those regions feel more at home and make the adjustment to their new surroundings smoother. In Beijing, a large number of expats live in the Chaoyang district, which makes it a very international neighborhood. You can find restaurants from nearly every cuisine on the planet there, and there are also grocery stores that import favorite products from other countries. One of the most well known Western grocery chains in Beijing is Jenny Lou’s. There are about 4-5 stores in the city that cater mainly to expats in the area.

Jenny Lou

Jenny Lou’s 這商店不大。專賣歐洲,美國,和澳洲進口食品。有葡萄酒,奶酪, 火腿,牛肉,蔬果,和外國人最喜愛的品牌。價錢比北京其他超市貴很多。但是外國貨這裏的選擇最多, 貨品最齊傳。我看過一些美國貨品 (意大利麵,cereal, 茄汁) 價錢比美國的超市還高一倍呀! 到這間商店可以看到好多個國家的日常和最愛的食品。讓我們在中國可以品嘗好多個國家的食品。

Compared to the supermarkets we are accustomed to in the US, Jenny Lou’s is a rather small grocery store, much like a neighborhood grocer. But that is all you really need. They specialize in products from Europe, America, and Australia/New Zealand that you would not find in local supermarkets. There are wines, cheeses, hams and deli meats, different cuts of beef, a variety of coffees, fruits and veggies, and imported snacks. The prices are higher than local supermarkets and even higher than supermarkets in the US! But it was kinda neat to find stuff like pasta sauce, mac & cheese, applesauce and PB&J there. I enjoy browsing through the store to see what some of the popular foods from different countries are.

Jenny Lou’s website/ 網站

Jenny Lou’s story/ 的故事

旅遊資料/ If you go:

門票/ Admission: 沒有/ none

營業时间/ Hours: 早 7:00am – 晚 10:00pm

商店/ Stores:             ~~ 北京市朝阳区日坛北路4 号 乘28, 43, 120, 126 路; 芳草地站下车

4 Ritan Bei Rd. Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Bus 28, 43, 120, 126; Fangcaodi stop

~~ 北京市朝阳区朝阳公园西门 乘 419, 682, 985 路; 景园站下车

Chaoyang Park west gate, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Bus 419, 682, 985; Jingyuan stop

~~ 北京市朝阳区建国路建外SOHO 4号楼1层

乘地铁 1号,10号;国贸站下车

Jianwai SOHO 1F, Suite 4, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Subway #1, #10; Guomao stop

~~ 北京市朝阳区东直门外大街35号 东湖俱乐部 B1 楼

乘地铁 2号,13号;东直门站下车

35 Dongzhimen Wai Dajie, Donghu Club B1, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Subway #2, #13; Dongzhimen stop

~~ 北京市朝阳区三里屯北小街 6 号

6 Sanlitun Bei Xiaojie, Chaoyang Dictrict, Beijing


Princess Hejing Mansion 和敬公主府

Princess Hejing 3

和敬公主府是乾隆三女固論和敬公主和駙馬蒙古科爾沁部的輔國公色布騰巴勒珠爾的府第。和敬公主 (1731-1792) 是乾隆皇最寵愛的女兒。她十六歲下嫁駙馬時乾隆皇禦賜給他們此府第。

The Princess Hejing Mansion is a courtyard style mansion that belongs to Qing Emperor Qianlong’s third daughter Princess Gulun Hejing and her husband. Princess Hejing was born in 1731 and died in 1792. She was Emperor Qianlong’s favorite daughter. She married when she was 16, and this mansion was a wedding gift from her father. Wow!

Princess Hejing 1

entrance on Zhang Zi Zhong Lu

Princess Hejing 4

公主和駙馬的後裔世襲輔國公職位,府第就以新屋主的名字而改。比如1915 年公主後裔達賚被封達貝子, 和敬公主府就改稱為達貝子府。1923 年直魯聯軍總司令張宗昌以十五萬現大洋買了達貝子府。 1935 年做過東北難民救濟院, 1945 年做過十一戰區長官部, 50 年代做過國際友人車庫。現在前面幾座殿是中信証卷營業部。後邊幾座殿以前是四合院式賓館 和賓館的兩層餐廳。現在賓館在公主府後面建了一座現代式的高層建築來做賓館。

Princess Hejing’s descendants inherited the mansion and continued to live there. They were also awarded various titles by successive Qing emperors based on their service and accomplishments. The name of the mansion changed to reflect the name of each new owner. For instance, in 1915 Princess Hejing’s descendant Prince Da became the owner of the mansion, and the name of the mansion was changed to Prince Da’s Mansion. After the overthrow of the Qing dynasty, the mansion changed hands a few more times. In 1923 a military commander Zhang Zong Chang bought the mansion. In 1935 the mansion became a center for refugees from Northeast China. In 1945 the general of the 11th fighting district lived here. During the 1950’s it was used as a place to store vehicles. And today the front section of the courtyard home is a China Securities storefront and the back used to be a historic courtyard style hotel. Today the historic courtyard style hotel has closed and reopened in back of the mansion as a high-rise hotel. *Sigh* the courtyard style hotel was so beautiful.





公主府不是著名的旅遊景點, 所以遊客不多,很靜。沒人收門票,可以隨便入院落觀光。公主府的建築物保持得很完整。長廊橫樑的畫很美麗。院子有公主府的石像和石雕。古色古香。有皇家氣派。讓人想到當日公主的生活。

也可以看到賓館對公主府的改變。窗上刻了美麗的花草樹木,相信是賓館裝修的。望進窗口裏可以看到賓館的床桌, 全都是現代式的。本人覺得如果是四合院式賓館,家具應該也是古式的。這樣才配合。

Princess Hejing’s Mansion is off the beaten path. Being on a main thoroughfare, it is not hard to find, nor is it out of the way but it is just not listed in many guidebooks and there is only signage in Chinese. Hence, there are hardly any tourists and it is a calm and peaceful place. The architecture has been well preserved and is a wonder to see. There is so much meticulous detail and high quality workmanship here from the latticework on the doors to the paintings on the eaves and breezeways. There are also many stone statues and vases in the courtyard, probably remnants from when the princess and her family lived there. The designs on the frosted glass are beautiful too, but probably from remodeling done by the hotel. (Looks too new) When you peer into the windows you can see the modern furniture the hotel used when it was in business. I don’t know about you, but I think it would be really neat if all the furniture was traditional Chinese style, which would be befitting of a courtyard style hotel and fit right into the setting. Anyways- definitely worth a visit if you are into architecture and/or Chinese history, or would like to marvel at how a princess lived in the 18th century.

Princess Hejing 8

Princess Hejing 11

旅遊資料/ If you go:

門票/ Admission: 免費/ free

地址/ Address: 北京市东城区張自忠路7 號 (7 ZhangZiZhong Rd., Dongcheng District, Beijing)

交通路线/ Transportation: 乘13、42、113、115、118、701、823 bus 张自忠路站下车

开放时间/ Hours: 早 9:00am – 晚 6:00pm

Tampa Bay Hotel

Tampa 004

While Henry Flagler was the railroad tycoon of the east coast of Florida, Henry Plant was the railroad tycoon of Florida’s west coast. Plant was born in Branford, CT and got his experience working on a steamboat that traveled from New Haven to New York. After the Civil War, the railroads of the South were in ruins. Plant saw opportunity in this and bought the Southern railroads at foreclosure sales. He used these as a base for his railroad and steamboat empire. Tampa became the terminus of his Southern Florida railroad and home port for steamships to Havana, Cuba.

Henry Flagler 是佛州東岸的鐵路大亨; Henry Plant 是佛州西岸的鐵路大亨。Plant 出生於美國康州。他在輪船上工作。南北戰爭後,南方的鐵路全都被破壞了。Plant 把握這個機會來用廉價買了南方的鐵路,把這些鐵路作爲自己交通和運輸生意的基礎。Tampa (坦帕) 成爲佛州南方鐵路的總站。也成爲往古巴哈瓦那的輪船港口。

Plant built the massive Tampa Bay Hotel in Tampa to accommodate his winter guests. It took 3 years to build. This hotel was the premier hotel of his 8 hotels on his rail line. Like Flagler, both transportation and accommodation dollars went into his pocket. The Tampa Bay Hotel itself covered 6 acres and ¼ mile long. It cost over $2.5 million to build and the price per room ranged from $5-$15/ night. For that price, amenities included use of an elevator (first in FL and still in use today), electric lights, telephones, and private bathrooms with a full sized tub. The average price for a room in Tampa at that time was $1.25-$2/ night, and average amenities were much less. The hotel was a poured concrete steel reinforced building in the Moorish style. This is starting to sound a lot like the Ponce de Leon Hotel. The grounds of the hotel were 150 acres and included 21 buildings, a golf course, bowling alley, racetrack, casino, and indoor heated pool.

Plant 在 Tampa 用了三年來建豪華的 Tampa Bay 酒店。在他鐵路的八間酒店之中,這是最大最輝煌的。他像Flagler 一樣,火車和酒店生意都有。Tampa Bay 酒店佔地六英畝, ¼ 英里長。在1888年,需要 $2.5 百萬來修建,但房租祇收 $5-15/ 一晚,要多久才能收回成本呢?那時候,這個價格都算是貴的,但是設施都是最先進的, 比如 電梯 (佛州第一部,今天還用), 電燈,電話,和室内衛生間和浴室。當時,Tampa 普通酒店的價錢是 $1.25-$2 一晚,也沒有這麽多設施 。酒店是西班牙色的水泥鋼鐵建築物。酒店的院子有150 英畝,包括21 間樓房,高爾伕球場,保齡球場,賽馬場,賭城,和室内游泳池。

Tampa 014

The hotel was in business from 1891-1930. Many celebs stayed here including Clara Barton, Stephen crane, the Prince of Wales and Queen of the UK. The US used the hotel as a base during the Spanish-American War and Colonel Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders also stayed here during this time. Babe Ruth signed his 1st baseball contract here and is rumored to have hit his longest home run at the old Tampa Fairgrounds stadium on the hotel grounds.

The hotel closed in 1930 and the Tampa Bay Junior College moved into the hotel in 1933, using its suites as classrooms. The college expanded and became the University of Tampa, which is what it is today. The southeast wing of the hotel is the Henry B. Plant Museum, which preserves the history of the former Tampa Bay Hotel.

這酒店從1891 年到1930年營業。很多名人來這裡度假,包括英國皇室。美國和西班牙打仗時,這裡曾做過兵營。將軍住在酒店,士兵營地在外面。1930 年,Tampa Bay 酒店關門。1933 年,Tampa Bay Junior College 搬進去。後來 Tampa Bay Junior College 擴展成爲現在的Tampa 大學。酒店現在是大學的 Plant Hall,西南部是舊酒店的博物館。

fountain commemorating Plant's achievements in transportation, oldest public art in the city of Tampa

fountain commemorating Plant's achievements in transportation, oldest public art in the city of Tampa

What I like most about this museum is it has tons and tons of furniture and artifacts from the Tampa Bay Hotel. Plant and his wife purchased the furnishings for the hotel on shopping trips to Europe and had it shipped across the Atlantic to the hotel. There are detailed descriptions that tell you about the antiques and the history of the hotel. The antiques are lavish and ornate works of art that are richly detailed as characteristic of the gilded age. Exhibit rooms include the Grand Hall, writing and reading room, garden room which has lawn furniture and sculptures, women and pastimes, and the Parlor Suite, one of the most expensive suites in the hotel. If you are in Tampa and like history, this is a place definitely worth visiting.

這個博物館有很多Tampa Bay 酒店的家私和古董。全都是Plant 和他妻子到歐洲買的。博物館也講解酒店的歷史和古董。這些古董很漂亮,手工非常好。展覽是包括走廊,書房,花園的家具,昔日愛好,和豪華套房。如果你到 Tampa 遊玩,這個博物館是不能錯過的!

If you go/ 旅行質料:

Address/ 地址:401 W. Kennedy Blvd, Tampa FL 33606

Tickets/ 門票:$5 donation Jan-Nov

Hours/ 開放時間:Tu-Sat 10-4, Sun 12noon-4pm