The Flagler Hotels Part III: Competition

St Augustine 124

Casa Monica Hotel

At the same intersection as the Ponce de Leon and Alcazar Hotels was Flagler’s competition, the Casa Monica Hotel. Flagler sold the land to Bostonian architect Franklin Smith. Smith built a massive 250-room hotel in the Spanish Moorish style with cream white walls and a red tiled roof. The entrance on King St. was modeled after the Puerta del Sol in Toledo, Spain. The hotel had gas lights and heat, as opposed to electric lights and steam heat like the Ponce de Leon.

同Ponce de Leon 和 Alcazar 酒店一樣的街口還有一間度假酒店。這酒店本來是 Flagler 的商敵,叫 Casa Monica 酒店,但後來也被 Flagler 買過來。這酒店的地是 Flagler 賣給波士頓建築師 Franklin Smith。 Smith 建了一間250 房大大的西班牙色酒店。外墻奶油般白,屋頂紅色,和 Flagler 那兩間酒店一樣那麽美麗。Casa Monica 酒店用煤氣燈和暖氣,不像Ponce de Leon 酒店用的比較先進的電燈。

view of Casa Monica (right) and The Alcazar (left)

The hotel was not a success for Smith. He faced some setbacks with a plumbers strike and delayed shipment of furniture. The hotel also opened in 1888, like the Ponce de Leon and Alcazar, but it faced low occupancy. In April 1888, just 3 months after opening, Smith sold it to Flagler for $325,000 who renamed it the Hotel Cordova. Flagler renovated it, converted some floors to apartments, and built a walkway from the Alcazar to this hotel, making it an annex to the Alcazar. Today you can still see the remains of the walkway from the second floor of the Alcazar. The rate for this hotel back then was $3-$4/day.

Smith 這生意好難維持。He faced some setbacks with a plumbers strike and delayed shipment of furniture. 酒店像Ponce de Leon and Alcazar 酒店也是1888 年開張。但是好小人入住。4月1888 年,開張了短短三個月,Smith 就把酒店買了給 Flagler。價錢 $325,000。Flagler 裝修了酒店,在裏面建了公寓,也從 Alcazar 酒店二樓搭一條橋過來。他把酒店名字改爲 Hotel Cordova。至今,遊客還可以在 Alcazar 酒店二樓看到以前搭過橋過來的地方。1888年這酒店的日租是 $3-$4/ 一天。

view of Casa Monica from King St.

view of Casa Monica from King St.

Like the Alcazar, the Hotel Cordova closed in 1932. The county bought the hotel in 1961 for $250,000 and renovated it for another $1.5 million. It became the county courthouse. Then Kessler Properties bought the hotel and completely renovated it again, restoring it to its former glory. The hotel reopened in 1999 under its original name, the Casa Monica. Today it is a AAA 4-diamond hotel and the daily rate ranges from $200-$600. It is a beautiful hotel with shops and restaurants. Of the 3 Flagler hotels, the Casa Monica is the only one that remains a hotel today. The hotel is quite impressive from the outside but I wish I’d thought to go inside to have a look.

Hotel Cordova 1932 年關門。1961 年county 政府用了 $250,000 買了酒店,用了 $1,500,000 裝修, 改爲 county 法院。多年以後 Kessler Properties 把酒店買過來,裝修為昔日 Casa Monica 酒店的美觀和輝煌。酒店於1999 年用原來的名字 Casa Monica  再次開張。 現在是 AAA 四星級的豪華酒店,每天房租 $200-$600,裏面也設有高檔的商店和餐館。Flagler 在 St. Augustine 的酒店王國現在只是 Casa Monica 還是酒店。 我在外面觀光和欣賞它的美觀,可惜沒想到進去看看裏面美麗的擺設。

view from Cordova St.

view from Cordova St.

If you go/ 旅行質料:

Address/ 地址:95 Cordova St., St. Augustine FL 32084

Tickets/ 門票:free/ 免費

Hours/ 開放時間:9am-9pm daily


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