Imperial Archives 皇史宬

Imperial Archives 1

皇史宬是明清兩朝的皇家檔案館。 是皇帝用來存放實錄, 聖訓,和歷史紀錄的地方。這裏還存放了玉牒(皇帝家譜),將軍印章, 和《永樂大典》副本,《大清會典》這兩本書。皇史宬始建於嘉靖十三年(1534年)。整個工程兩年才完成。

The imperial archives of the Ming and Qing dynasties is located on a side street very close to the Forbidden City where the emperor and his family lived. It was where important imperial records, edicts and announcements, and histories were kept. The archives was built in 1534 during the Ming emperor Jia-Jing’s reign and took 2 years to complete.

皇史宬的建築物全部都是用石而砌成的。 殿内大廳無梁無柱。就算傳統上該用木的地方如門窗,梁坊,和斗拱都是用仿木石料建的。南北兩牆每邊 6.4 米 (21尺) 厚,東西兩牆每邊 3.45 米 (11.3 尺) 厚。地面築了 1.42 米 (4.7 尺) 高的石台。建築物裏面放了150 餘個外包銅皮雕龍的樟木櫃, 叫金櫃。這些金櫃是用來收藏皇家檔案的。

The archives was carefully constructed for long term storage of important documents. Unlike most buildings of the time that were made of wood, the imperial archives was constructed entirely of stone. Even the doors, windows, columns, and brackets were made of stone. The north and south walls are each 6.4 meters (21 feet) thick and the east and west walls are each 3.45 meters (11.3 feet) thick. The main building is situated on a 1.42 meters (4.7 feet) high platform constructed from stone. Inside there were 150+ wooden chests that were covered with a thick layer of bronze and painted with gold. They were called “gold chests”. Dragons were carved onto it to represent the emperor. The craftsmanship was first rate. Inside these gold chests was where the imperial records, histories, and genealogies were kept. There was also a copy of the Yong Le Encyclopedia and Compendium of Qing Laws, as well as some jade chops of some generals.

Gold Vaults

建築物和裝具有防火,防潮,防蟲,和防霉 的作用,冬暖夏涼,溫度穩定。這樣精心設計的建築物可以保證珍貴的檔案和物品不會受損壞。

Due to the high quality construction materials and techniques, the archives prevented fire, dampness, insects, and mold. The temperature was stable inside and it was warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

我到這裏參觀的時候兩配殿已成爲畫廊.正殿沒有開門, 但可以望進去看見三個 “金櫃”。 看見這宏偉的建築和漂亮的金櫃,可以感覺到皇家的威嚴。

When I went to the imperial archives the main building was closed but you could peer inside and see 3 of the gold chests. The other two buildings in the complex are now art galleries. Just standing in the courtyard and taking in the sights, it is easy to imagine the grandeur of the days of the emperors.

Imperial Archives 6
Art Gallery minor building

Imperial Archives 12

旅遊資料/ If you go:
門票/ Admission: 免費/ free
地址/ Address: 北京市东城区南池子大街 136 號 (近菖蒲河公園 和 紫禁城)


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