Memphis 孟菲斯

memphis 027a

Memphis, located on the banks of the Mississippi River in the southwest corner of Tennessee, is considered the birthplace of blues music. Being on the Mississippi River made it an important trading center in the past. Today, it has ­a population of about 670,000 people, which makes it the largest city in Tennessee.

孟菲斯是 藍調音樂 (Blues) 誕生之地。這城市位於田立西州的西南角,人口670,000 人。 孟菲斯建在密西西比 (Mississippi) 河畔,以前是水上貿易和運輸的一個重要城市。

memphis 045a

Mississippi River from Riverside Dr.  從Riverside Dr. 看的密西西比河。

In addition to being the birthplace of the Blues, Memphis is also famous for Elvis’ Graceland and the Lorraine Motel, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Most of the sights tourists will want to see are downtown or within close proximity. However, street parking is hard to find downtown. Unfortunately, the crime rate in Memphis is high, so it is recommended to travel in a group and not to walk alone, especially at night.

孟菲斯除了藍調音樂以外,也出名於貓王 埃爾維斯 普雷斯利 (Elvis Presley) 的別墅 ~ Graceland, 和 馬丁路德金 (Dr. Martin Luther King) 被謀殺的地方,Lorraine Motel。大部分旅遊景點都在市中心和市中心附近。可以走路或坐公交車到。由於住安不太好,和其它人行走比較案全。晚上不宜單獨行走。

There are quite a few Elvis landmarks in Memphis. Obviously, Graceland (3734 Elvis Presley Blvd, $28+) is the first that comes to mind. Elvis bought this house and its 500 acre grounds for $100K at when he was 22. Then there is Sun Studio (706 Union Ave, $12) where Elvis recorded his songs. Many famous musicians of his day such as BB King and Johnny Cash also recorded here, as well as famous musicians today such as U@, Sheryl Crow, and Matchbox 20. During the day Sun Studio is a museum, but at night it turns into a recording studio again. Not as well known is Lauderdale Courts (252 N. Lauderdale, $10), where Elvis lived before he bought Graceland.

孟菲斯是貓王粉絲必到之地。他22嵗用 $100,000 買的別墅,Graceland (3734 Elvis Presley Blvd, $28+) 從市中心開車往南10米就到。貓王死後埋葬在他屋Graceland。他錄唱片的Sun Studios (706 Union Ave, $12) 現在有名歌星都在那裏錄唱片。貓王買Graceland 之前住在 Lauderdale Courts 在 252 N. Lauderdale, $10.

Memphis is also a key city in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s and African American history. The National Civil Rights Museum (450 Mulberry St, $13) was once the Lorraine Motel. When it was first built, the Lorraine Motel catered to whites, as was typical at the time. However, during the segregation era, this was one of the few hotels that catered to African-Americans. Many visiting African-American celebrities stayed at this hotel because it was close to the Blues community on Beale St. On April 4, 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel when he was in town to visit Memphis’ protesting sanitation workers. Today, we can see the history of the struggles and victories of the Civil Rights movement at this museum.

孟菲斯也是 民權運動 (Civil Rights Movement)  重要地方。現在的 民權博物館National Civil Rights Museum (450 Mulberry St, $13) 以前是 Lorraine Motel。開始,Lorraine Motel 是白人的酒店, 但逐漸接受黑人來住。50-60 年代 很多著名黑人來孟菲斯都在這裏住宿。1968 年馬丁路德金Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 來孟菲斯見正在抗議不平等工作環境的 環衛工人。他站在Lorraine Motel 2樓306 房的露台時被謀殺中槍而死。現在的 Lorraine Motel 是民權博物館National Civil Rights Museum. 這博物館展覽黑人奮鬥爭取民權平等的歷史

memphis 040a

Lorraine Motel

memphis 043a

Balcony of Lorraine Hotel where Martin Luther King Jr stood on that fateful day.

Finally, Beale Street is perhaps the most famous street in Memphis. It is the birthplace of Blues music and its restaurants and bars are abuzz with activity and live music. There are loads of tourists here and the street is blocked from thru traffic, making it a pedestrian only area. Curfew is at 3am.

孟菲斯 Blues 一條街, Beale St, 是藍調音樂Blues 誕生之地。這裡是旅客必到的地方。這條熱鬧的步行街有很多餐館和酒吧。

memphis 021a

view of Beale St. above  藍調音樂一條街

memphis 024a

view of Silky O’Sullivan’s above. They feed their goats beer.  這酒吧給他們的羊喝啤酒。

memphis 037a

Fedex Forum, home of the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team.   Fedex Forum 是孟菲斯籃球隊的體育館。


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