Changpuhe Park 菖蒲河公园

Changpuhe 11a

菖蒲河公園是明朝的皇家園林,也是連接紫禁城玉河的一條河。菖蒲河,又名外金水河,是因爲河中生長菖蒲 (Iris) 而得名。這公園在明清時代是皇城的東苑。明朝的皇帝和文武大臣來這裏看比賽的。但清朝時,皇家很少用這花園,東苑就逐漸衰敗。Changpuhe 1

20 世紀 60-70 年代菖蒲河被填平改爲街道, 在旁邊建了很多民房。2002 年拆了菖蒲河兩側的民房,挖出菖蒲河故道,恢復了這皇家園林的美貌。


菖蒲河公園全長510 米。入口在南池子大街,出口在天安門東側。不收門票。遊客不多,只是一些市民來這裏遊玩和散步。如果到紫禁城附近一遊,這個美麗的花園是值得一看的!

Changpuhe 8

This linear park is truly one of the hidden gems of Beijing. It is a beautiful garden with a wide array of colorful flowers and intricately constructed gazebos and bridges centered along the Chang Pu River (菖蒲河), otherwise known as the Wai Jin Shui River (外金水河). What’s even better is that despite being a stone’s throw away from the Forbidden City, this is a not a widely known tourist destination, which makes for a quiet retreat in this bustling city!

Changpuhe 7At the time I was there, this park was not mentioned in any of the tourist literature. I stumbled upon it one day when I was exploring the city on foot. There was not one tourist there, just locals taking in the beauty and serenity of this urban oasis.

During the Ming and Qing dynasties, this imperial garden was part of the emperor’s imperial city. The Ming emperors used to frequent this garden with his courtiers to watch games and competitions, but the Qing emperors did not frequent this park as much and it fell into disrepair as a result. During the 1960’s and 1970’s the river was covered up by concrete slabs and turned into a road. Hastily built housing and warehouses replaced the fine gardens. The area quickly turned into an eyesore. In 2002, they cleaned up the area to restore the river park to its former splendor and transform it into the breathtaking gardens it is today.

Changpuhe 16

從菖蒲河公園看見紫禁城  View of the rooftops of Forbidden City from Changpuhe Park

Changpuhe 20The entrance of the park is at Nanchizi Dajie (南池子大街) and the park spans a length of 510 meters ending up at Tiananmen Square. The Changpu River is part of the water system of the Forbidden City and was named for the Changpu or Irises that grew along the river. The Yu River (玉河) inside the Forbidden City flows to this river, which then flows east towards Wangfujing.

旅遊資料/ If you go:

門票/Admission: 免費/ free

地址/ Address: 北京市东城区天安门东侧劳动人民文化宫东侧

交通路线/ Transportation: 乘 bus 1,2,4,5,10,20,22,52,54,57,120,802, 特1 路 劳动人民文化宫站下车

开放时间/ Hours: 早 6:00am – 晚 10:00pm

花期日历/ Flowers in Bloom:

3月— 4月:玉兰 (Magnolia),连翘 (Forsythia),迎春花 (Winter Jasmine),海塘 (Begonia),碧桃 (Peach Blossom),紫叶李

5月—11月:月李 (Roses)

4月—11 月:应李花卉 (seasonal flowers)

7月—8 月:玉簪花 (Hosta),睡莲荷花 (Water Lilies)


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