Independence Day Trip 國慶一日游

This Independence Day we visited the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum and Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site. One has to do with America, and the other has to do with the independence of the Republic of Texas. The area around College Station and Washington-on-the-Brazos is hilly, with lots of ranches and not very densely popluated.

我們國慶節參觀了College Station, TX 的喬治布什總統博物館和Washington-on-the-Brazos 州立歷史區。 一個是美國歷史景點,另外一個使德州歷史重點。 College Station 和 Washington-on-the-Brazos 人口稀少, 有很多大牧場。

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The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum in College Station, TX is located on the Texas A&M University campus. This museum talks about the life and contributions of America’s 41st president. Some of the highlights include the Presidential limo, replicas of President Bush’s Oval Office and office at Camp David, his 1947 Studebaker, and gifts from various heads of state. There is also an exhibit on space exploration and NASA. There were various astronaut suits, a larger than life astronaut made of legos, and a scale that showed your weight on earth and the other planets, among other highlights.

喬治布什總統博物館位於德州農業機械大學校園内。博物館描述布什總統的生平和政績。一些重點包括總統的豪華轎車, 複製布什總統的白宮橢圓形辦公室和大偉營辦公室,他1947年用 $1,500 買的史蒂倍汽車,和各國元首送給他的禮物。博物館還有太空探索展覽。 有太空人的衣服和食物,lego太空人,和一個可以表明你在地球和其它星球的重量的磅。

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If you go: 1000 George Bush Drive West, College Station, TX 77845 on Texas A&M University campus. Parking: Y Admission: $7 Hours: Mon- Sat 9:30-5     Sun 12-5     closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day. Free admission on July 4th with extended hours and fireworks at night. Web:


Our next stop was Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site located in Washington, TX. This is huge park with a couple museums on site and miles of walking trails. More importantly, it is where Texas signed their declaration of independence from Mexico on March 2, 1836 to establish the Republic of Texas. Ten years later in 1846, Texas became the 28th state to join the union.  The visitors’ center has exhibits that trace the history of the Texas Revolution and maps of the park. A replica of Independence Hall stands behind the visitors’ center and marks the place where the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed and the government of the Republic of Texas created. It is a simple wooden 1-room cabin with cloth coverings for windows. A long wooden table with barrels for legs stretches the length of the cabin with wooden chairs around the table and along the sides of the cabin. With this, you can see the simplicity and ruggedness of frontier life. This simple and rustic wooden cabin holds great importance in the history of Texas. It is the birthplace of Texas.

然後我們到Washington, TX 的Washington-on-the-Brazos州立歷史區。這個大公園裏有兩個博物館和好多步道給人散步。但是最重要的是德州在1836年3月2日就是在這裡簽署從墨西哥獨立的宣言。德州成爲了德克薩斯共和國。十年后,1846 年德州才加入美國成爲第28 個州。旅客中心有公園地圖和德克薩斯革命的展覽。在旅客中心後面是Independence Hall, 德克薩斯簽署獨立宣言的小房屋。他們也是在這裡創建了自己的政府和憲法。原來的小木屋都不在了,現在看到的是複製的。這小木屋有簡朴的一閒房。窗沒有玻璃,只是掛上窗廉布。有一張長木桌子和簡單的木椅子。這些裝飾讓我們看到的克薩斯先驅者簡朴和艱難的生活。這簡單的小木屋在德州歷史擁有巨大的重要性。它是德克薩斯誕生之地。

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There are also two museums of note in the park. The Star of the Republic Museum details various aspects of the history of the Republic of Texas. The Barrington Living History Farm is a recreation of an 1850’s cotton farm centered around the Anson Jones Home. Anson Jones was the last president of the Republic of Texas before it became a state and his home is an original structure that was moved from his 1000+ acre farm to the park. We did not get to visit either because they were closed when we got there.

公園裏有兩個博物館。Star of the Republic 博物館展覽的克薩斯共和國的歷史和文化。Barrington Living History Farm 是一個模仿1850年代農場複製的。 是張德克薩斯末代總統Anson Jones農場的屋搬來公園做博物館的主要部分。我們沒有參觀這兩個地方因爲我們到的石油已經關門了。

Washington-on-the-Brazos was the capital of Texas from 1842-1846. It flourished on the banks of the Brazos River with cotton as its main crop. There are walking trails that take you through the site of the old town. It was way too hot, so we did not wander on the trails too much. Today, Washington is a small town of about 265 people and you can really get lost on the winding one lane roads that meander their way through large ranches.

Washington-on-the-Brazos 在1842-1846 年是德克薩斯的首都。這個位于Brazos 河畔繁盛的城市種棉花爲主。公園裏的步道經過曾是市中心的地方。應該那裏建築都沒有了。那天真熱,所以我們都沒有參觀。現在Washington是個有265人的小鎮。 沒有GPS真的可以在這裡偏僻窄窄的馬路和大大的牧場迷路。

If you go: 23200 Park Rd 12, Washington TX 77880. Located off Hwy 105 between Breham and Navasota on FM 1155. Parking: Y  Admission: for museums                     July 4th Independence Day free admission to park and fireworks show (Admission to museums separate)           Weekend closest to March 2nd Texas Independence Day celebration all admission and tour fees waived, costumed interpreters and period demonstrations.                               Web:

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  1. Nice story about George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

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