Donghuamen Snack Street 東華門美食街

Snack Street 10

The Chinese love to eat and enjoy snacking. Along almost any major street, there are street vendors selling all kinds of snacks. In an area like Wangfujing that has a high concentration of tourists and visitors, Donghaumen Snack Street is the perfect way to sample some of Beijing’s traditional snacks. The vendors in Donghuamen Snack Street start setting up around 4:30pm and are open for business well into the night. The area gets pretty crowded, as it is a popular stop with tour groups that spend the day shopping in Wangfujing. Donghuamen Snack Street is named after the eastern side gate of the Forbidden City, as the street leads directly to this gate. It features some of the most popular and famous snacks in Beijing such as the chuan’r (kabob) and bingtang hulu (candied crabapples on a stick) as well as other regional specialties. The traditional chuan’r is mutton on a stick grilled over a charcoal grill and slathered in a dipping sauce. At Donghuamen one can get chuan’r with a variety of ingredients such as chicken, beef, shrimp, and more exotic items such as squid, octopus, starfish, seahorses, mantis prawns, innards (liver, intestines, etc), snails, and insects. The chuan’r are raw and they will cook the ones you pick out for you on the spot. You can also get bingtang hulu with the traditional crabapples, or with other fruits such as honeydew, cantaloupe, grapes, and strawberries. If that is not your cup of tea, there are always traditional noodles, stinky tofu, fried ice cream, Shanghai xiaolong buns, and fruit drinks. As this is a popular tourist stop and has been featured on many TV shows including the Travel Channel, prices are a bit higher than other food stalls, but it is a great way to try a lot of snacks at once. If anything I really enjoyed looking at the variety of food the vendors had there.

中國人好喜歡小吃。大街小巷都有賣食物的攤檔。 王府井有東華門美食街,一條賣小吃的街, 方便遊客和參觀者在王府井買完東西來這裡品嘗北京小吃。東華門美食街從紫禁城東邊的東華門得名。 這條街可以直接通道東華門。這裡的攤檔4:30下午開始營業直到深夜。 這裡有北京有名的串兒 和冰糖葫蘆, 也有中國其 他地方的小吃。有很多种即挑即煮的串兒比如 羊肉,雞肉, 牛肉, 蝦,魷魚,墨魚,海星,海馬, 雞干,雞心,雞腸,和好多種蟲類。還有用各種各樣水果做的冰糖葫蘆。別的小吃包括麵條,小籠包,臭豆腐,炸雪糕, 和果汁。熱鬧的東華門是很好的地方來試多種小吃。 由於王府井是有名旅遊地方,價錢會比其他攤檔貴一點。但是如果到王府井逛街,到這裡看看也很有氣氛。

Snack Street 2

Snack Street 4


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