Art Deco Miami

Miami 084

Ocean Drive, the street that runs along Miami Beach, is famous for its Art Deco hotels. It is always packed and there are lots of people enjoying the day at the cafes and restaurants. It is hot year round and felt like a summer day when I was there in February.

Ocean Drive 是到邁阿米的旅客必見的地方. 這是邁阿米著名的 Art Deco 區。 這條街的酒店都是用 顔色豐富的 Art Deco 建築風格而建。 旅遊業在這裡很繁榮。有很多人在室外咖啡廳欣想這裡的美景。邁阿米整年都熱的。我二月到這裡還是夏天一般的熱。

Miami 081

Gloria Estefan owns a hotel on this street, which was also the set for the movie The Birdcage.

這是歌星 Gloria Estefan 的酒店。美國影片The Birdcage 也在這裡拍攝。


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