Six Flags of Texas

We had just crossed the border from Louisiana and decided to stop at the welcome center in Orange, TX. The center was very comprehensive, with all kinds of brochures and guidebooks for every corner of Texas. There was also a walking bridge built on a marsh that showcased native plants and wildlife.

I thought this picture of the lone star and the six flags looked pretty cool. It wasn’t until later that I discovered through reading that the six flags were the six major countries that ruled over Texas.
From right to left:
Spain- staked claim of western tip of TX near Mexico. Regained it from France from a peace treaty ending a war in Europe.

France- tried to establish a settlement on the eastern end of Texas, exploration was an extension of French exploration in Louisiana

Mexico- Texas became a part of Mexico when Mexico won its independence from Spain

Confederate States of America- Texas sided with the Confederacy during the Civil War

Texas Flag- Texas won its independence from Mexico in the Texas Revolution and became an independent country: the Republic of Texas

American Flag- Texas became the 26th state to join the union

我們來到德克薩斯州第一站是到州立旅遊中心拿資料。 這旅遊中心的資料很齊全, 外邊在marsh 上還搭了一條木橋給大家認識本地的植物和動物。
我覺得這個景很有趣, 後來才發現這六個國旗是統治過德州的國家。
西班牙- 從西邊擴展他在美洲包括墨西哥的殖民地。後來因在歐洲贏了戰爭 就從法國得囘德州。

法國- 在東邊擴展他在北美包括路易斯安那州的殖民地。

墨西哥- 墨西哥從西班牙獨立的時候,德州就成爲墨西哥的一部分。

美國南北戰 的時候,德州支持南方。

德州國旗- 德州從墨西哥獨立成爲自己的國家。

美國國旗- 德州成爲美國第26個州。


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