Daytona Beach


Daytona Beach, FL has been a popular spring break destination since the 1960’s, but it is most well known for its auto racing.The beach is basically lined with hotels jostling for ocean view rooms, however, there are many public access points to the beach. There are tourist shops in this area and I am standing on the 3rd floor of the open air Ocean Shoppes. There is also an amphetheater, ocean view restaurants,cafes, and bars, and a boardwalk further down.
Although most racing today occurs at Daytona International Speedway, people used to hold auto races right on the beach in the sand in the early 1900’s.The speed record in the early 1900’s was 59 mph, whereas today the spped limit on the highways of 65-70 mph exceeds this. People still held auto races on the beach in the 1960’s. There was a restaurant on the beach with front row seats at these races. Today driving on the beach is permitted in some areas, but only at a slow 10 mph speed limit.

佛羅里達州的 地通拿 海灘 (Daytona Beach) 是一個流行的春天度假勝地,但是它最著名的是賽車。現在的海灘有好多酒店,也有商場, 戲臺,和看到大海的餐館和酒吧。我站在露天商場的三樓可以瞭望這著名海灘的風景。

今天的地通拿有自己的賽車場,但昔日的地通拿是在沙灘上賽車的。1900 年代,賽車最快的速度是 59 英里/小時。 僅僅一百年,這最快速度都比現在高速公路的 65-70 英里/小時的限量低。我們世界進步和變得真快。 60 年代 在沙灘賽車還流行。有一家沙灘上的餐館讓顧客們坐貼近賽車一邊就餐 一邊看比賽。這我覺得不舒服,你想吃餐的時候,沙灘的沙從車邊飛到你的食物裏。現在我們還可以在一部分的沙灘上駕車,但是只可以駕駛 10英里/小時慢慢的速度。


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