Hawaiian Cowboy Country


When you hear the name “Hawaii” you don’t usually think of rolling hills, wide pastures, and idyllic landscapes. Well, the interior of Big Island is just that. It is what Hawaiians call Paniolo country, or cowboy country. They raise cows on these green pastures, the homes are few and far between, and the city is small. This is Waimea on Big Island. Waimea is also home to Parker Ranch, one of the biggest cattle ranches in the US.

說到夏威夷我們往往會想到一片白色的沙灘,透明清涼的藍色海水, 和高高的椰樹太陽傘。想不到夏威夷也有翠綠的山坡和牧田。 讓人想到簡朴的牧民生活。這就是夏威夷島的 懷美亞 (Waimea). 帕家牧場 (Parker Ranch) 也是在懷美亞的。這牧場是美國其中一個最大的牛牧場之一。


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